15 March, 2023

New K-Link software for K-Ducer controllers

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24 February, 2023

Advanced Torque Control Strategies


While basic target torque & angle control are often sufficient, some applications often require more advanced tightening techniques. 

Fortunately, the K-DUCER can handle even the most complex and sophisticated applications thanks to features such as Sequential Torque & Angle Control, Running Torque (Compensate and Monitor), Prevailing Torque, and multi-step program options. To find out how to turn on any of these features, read on!

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15 March, 2023

New KDS-NT Screwdrivers for low torques

Our new KDS-NT transducerized screwdriver is the most intelligent and cost-effective tool on the market in the 5 - 70 cNm (i.e. 0.05 - 0.7Nm) torque range.
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03 February, 2023

Open Protocol support with the K-Ducer!

Open Protocol (OP) is an industrial communication protocol to remotely control and monitor screwdrivers. 
The K-Ducer's control units support a subset of the Open Protocol communication interface, meaning that if your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) already comes with built-in support for Open Protocol, they can now interface with the K-Ducer - plug&play!
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06 June, 2022

Looking forward to meeting you at MECSPE - Bologna, June 09-11th

Kolver will present its latest solutions at MECSPE in Bologna, from June 9-11th
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