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A Suction Head is the best way to handle non-magnetic screws (stainless steel, brass, plastic etc.). It can be easily installed on NATO, MITO and PLUTO screwdrivers and a vacuum generator can be supplied separately upon request.

Pair a suction head with an NFK/RS Screw Feeder to speed up your fastening process and boost productivity!

Choose the right suction head for your screwdriver. Each model can be installed on inline or CA screwdrivers (for automation).

Available models:
ASP HD6, code 010117 - for NATO15 (2 mm bit hole)
ASP HD7, code 010118 - for NATO50 (2 mm bit hole)
ASP HD8, code 010119 - for MITO15 (3 mm bit hole)
ASP HD9, code 010121 - for PLUTO3-6-10-15 (3 mm bit hole)