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In 2021, we added several features to our K-Ducer system. All of these features, most of which were requested directly by customers, are available via our standard firmware updates, free of charge. 
If you'd like to update your system to the latest version, just get in touch with your local Kolver representative, who can get that done in just a few minutes, all while preserving your existing configuration and programs.

Do you have a suggestion on how to make our K-Ducer system work better for you? We'd love to hear it! Just email us at

Now, let's get to one of our main highlights, Open Protocol.

Open Protocol support

Open Protocol (OP) is an industrial communication protocol to remotely control and monitor screwdrivers. 
The K-Ducer's control units support a subset of the Open Protocol communication interface, based on the Open Protocol specification release 1.6 rev 3.
Many Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) already come with built-in support for Open Protocol, and now they can interface with the K-Ducer systems - all plug&play with no need to build your own communication interface!

Here's a list of MES packages that our customers have been able to use with the K-Ducer since the introduction of Open Protocol support:


Pro Suite

SCS Concept

Pico MES



Even beyond these, if you have Manufacturing Execution System, chances are it can be easily interfaced with the K-Ducer. As always, your local Kolver representative or distributor can help answer any questions you may have or help you integrate your existing systems.