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Our new KDS-NT transducerized screwdriver is the most intelligent and cost-effective tool on the market in the 5 - 70 cNm (i.e. 0.05 - 0.7Nm) torque range.

Available in aluminium housing for automation or with start/reverse buttons or start lever for manual use.

The new KDS-NT screwdrivers work in combination with KDU-NT controllers, a more compact control unit including all of the well known K-DUCER features and many more. It can be supplied with or without table stand and can be placed easily anywhere!

  • The transducer inside the tool measures the actual calibrated torque applied to each joint at every tightening.
  • During all phases, critical factors are controlled and monitored: rotation angle, running torque and final torque.
  • For manual or fixtured applications, KDS-NT is always connected to the factory PLC or to robot PLC via IO cable, MODBUS or any other communication Protocol.

Further information on page Industry 4.0 – K-DUCER Series