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K-Link joins K-Expand as the newest free software provided by Kolver for the K-Ducer series controllers.

K-Link allows you to automatically retrieve and save the screwdriving results from multiple networked K-
Ducer controllers in real time, with no user intervention required.

K-Links works as a Windows service: in other words, it is a program that runs in the background, hidden
from the user, and that starts automatically shortly after the computer is turned on. This makes it
suitable for use in a production environment, turning any PC into a simple-yet-effective traceability
database for your torque tightening data.
The data included with each tightening result is the same as the data automatically saved by the K-Ducer
to the USB drive connected to the controller, whenever one is connected. It includes the full torque &
angle graph data for each tightening, and it’s stored in CSV format, ready to use with your favorite
spreadsheet program.

Behind the scenes, K-Link connects multiple K-Ducers in parallel via the Modbus TCP ethernet interface.
If you need to implement this type of connectivity for your own database, or you need to modify or
augment K-Link in any other way, you can download a copy of the source code from our website, in the “Modbus TCP Resources” archive.

To download K-Link or the “Modbus TCP Resources” archive, visit, select “Industry 4.0
| K-DUCER Series” and click the download buttons on the right side.